Jonalea Henderson-Neider
United States

Bio: Hi! I am on the International Registry of Bach Flower Remedy Practitioners which was awarded to me in 2003 by the Bach Centre in Mount Vernon England. (See link http://www.bachcentre.com/found/rp_list.htm and search my name: Jonalea Henderson-Neider) The Bach Flower Remedies are homeopathic type preparations (different from aromatherapy preparations) of 38 individual flowers in a complete system of healing developed by Dr. Edward Bach, an English medical doctor, surgeon, bacteriologist and homeopath. As a Practitioner I introduce interested learners to the nature and use of this natural system of stress relief and healing through presentations and teaching introductory classes. I also schedule consultations with individuals that help introduce my clients to the particular flower remedies which may be pertinent to their needs, also teaching the client how to prepare and use different combinations for themselves and their families

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